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How to Select the Best Motorcycle Helmet

When choosing a motorcycle helmet, a safety rated motorcycle helmet will be the best choice. The reason for this is, if you get in a crash, you want a motorcycle helmet that will provide the best protection. So, lets answer a few of the questions when it comes to selecting the best motorcycle helmet.

The number one thing to consider when looking for the best motorcycle helmet is, does it have a DOT or Snell safety rating. To make motorcycle helmets better and to protect you in a crash, most motorcycle helmet manufacturers have been required to have their motorcycle helmets tested for the best safety features. Most of the motorcycle helmets must be DOT or Snell safety tested. Most motorcycle riders will make the best decision, when choosing a motorcycle helmet that is DOT rated. The Snell safety rating is more of a racing standard and the best choice for street bikers, dirt bikers and motorcycle racing. Therefore, most bikers can wear a DOT helmet and it will be the best for that type of riding.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet

The best types of motorcycle helmets are, full face, 3\4, half and novelty helmets. Each motorcycle helmet serves its own purpose, but the best motorcycle helmet to choose is the one that will provide the best protection. Let’s look at the differences when it comes to the best protection and how safe a motorcycle helmet is. Choosing a motorcycle helmet that fits your riding style is the best thing to do.

The Best Motorcycle Helmets are the Full Face

Full face motorcycle helmets are by far considered to be the best. The best feature of full face motorcycle helmets is, it covers every part of your head, including your face and provide the best protection in a crash. The downfall of full face motorcycle helmets, that may not make it the best helmet is, it can restrict your prefrail vision. With a lot of hazards and other drivers on the road to watch out for, full face motorcycle helmets may take away some of the vision needed to avoid a crash. Most bikers ride, because they want to be able to enjoy and see the best of the scenery. This is another downfall of full face motorcycle helmets, they will restrict what you can see when cruising the open road. But, for the best protection and safety, full face motorcycle helmets are the best.

3/4 Motorcycle Helmets Can be the Best Choice

3/4 motorcycle helmets have some better advantages when it comes to be the best. Three quarter motorcycle helmets will help protect most of your head, but will allow you to see more. Three quarter motorcycle helmets can be the best, because they are made to protect your head, back of neck and sides of your head in a crash. For safety reasons they protect most of your head, but the best thing is they still allow you to have good prefrail vision. Having good vision is a best choice when it comes to riding.

Motorcycle Half Helmets may be the Best for Bikers

Most bikers prefer motorcycle half helmets, they may be the best choice, depending on how you look at it. The benefits of a motorcycle half helmet when it comes to be the best are, they allow the best vision and you can also hear what is going on around you. Being able to see and hear what goes on around you, may be what makes motorcycle half helmets the best choice. Let’s face it, being able to see and avoid a crash, may be the best thing you can do while riding. The only downfall when it comes to be the best motorcycle helmet is, they only protect the top part of your head in a crash.

Novelty Helmets are not the Best

Novelty motorcycle helmets are not designed to be the best. Novelty motorcycle helmets are for pure looks. Some bikers wear novelty helmets because they look cool and come in a variety of choices. But when it comes to be the best for safety, novelty motorcycle helmets have no good safety features. They are purely for looks and are not designed to protect you the best in a crash. Novelty motorcycle helmets are a poor choice when it comes to your safety and do not provide the best protection in a crash.

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet

So what style is the best motorcycle helmet, it basically comes down to your preference. What do you feel best fits your riding style? There are some things to think about when selecting the best motorcycle helmet. First, it should be DOT or Snell rated for it to be the best. Second, to be the best, a motorcycle helmet should fit properly. Having a motorcycle helmet that does not fit properly, will not be the best to wear and will be uncomfortable. When selecting a motorcycle helmet, the best thing to do is, follow the sizing guide and get a helmet that has the best comfortable fit. The style you choose is a personal preference, helmets that are DOT or Snell rated should be the best you can get. The key to getting the best motorcycle helmet is to get a helmet that fits properly, goes with your riding style and is Dot rated.


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How Much Do I Need to Spend to Get the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

Some people think that the more money I spend on a motorcycle helmet, the better it is, it’s not true. The price of a motorcycle helmet has nothing to do with if it is the best motorcycle helmet or not. Dot and Snell rating testing has the same criteria for all motorcycle helmets. That means, the price has nothing to do with whether a motorcycle is the best, because it costs more.

Let’s look at it this way. If we take two of the best motorcycle helmets, manufactured at the same place, that are both DOT or Snell rated. Put a generic label on one and a name brand label on the other, you will pay more for the name brand motorcycle helmet, because of the name, not because it’s the best motorcycle helmet to buy. Both motorcycle helmets are the best to wear, because they both have passed the DOT or Snell test. So, you don’t have to spend a lot, to get the best motorcycle helmet. Why pay more for a name brand motorcycle helmet, or pay for extra features, when it doesn’t mean it’s the best motorcycle helmet.

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